Welcome to Three Rivers Studios.  Come and stay with us  for an extended visit.  Whether you are on business or have chosen Hinton as your vacation hub, make our warm, bright, comfortably appointed studios and helpful staff your home and hub for the duration, long or short.

Our studios come with full-function kitchenettes, work areas and wireless internet.  Our studios are centrally located on the upper floor of a restored 1920’s Ford car dealership, on Hinton’s rustic and once infamous 3rd. Avenue.

Third Avenue below Temple Street.
Third Avenue below Temple Street.

The  saloons and brothels that at one time lined both sides of the street are gone but the notoriety lives on still in the minds of local gentry.

Hinton in it’s heyday was the hub of a booming railroad enterprise.  It’s bricked streets and replica cast iron street lamps preserve a sense of history and energy – of prosperity and drive.  It’s railroad heritage is celebrated 4 days  each fall at the height of the fall colors in mid-late October.  An interesting mix indeed of the old south genteel hospitality, confederate rebellion, Yankee ingenuity, Appalachian traditions and crafts, poverty, wealth, thrift and unparalleled beauty.  Come and experience the serenity of the unspoiled forests, hardwood covered mountains, majestic gorges and at the same time taste a cultural flavor like no other.

Three Rivers Studios, a restored 1920's Ford dealership.
Three Rivers Studios, a restored 1920’s Ford dealership.

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